Timeline of the War of the Triple Alliance







Nov 13 Brazilian steamship Marquels de Olinda is seized by Paraguyan authorities at Asuncion, closing river to Brazil


Dec 24 6,000 man Paraguyan army departs to attack Brazilians in Mato Grosso Prov


Jan 14 Argentina refuses to allow Paraguyan army to cross Argentina to attack Rio Grande do Sol Prov


April 12 Paraguyan  seize two Argentinian warships of Corrientes and occupies town


May 1 Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay sign treaty of a 'Triple Alliance" against Paraguay


May 25 Gen.Paunero with 1,200 Argentine and 4,000 Brazilians forces Paraguyan  army in Corrientes to retreat


June 10 Paraguyan  Commander Deza with eight steamers and two gunboats attacks Brazlian warships near Corrienties and are defeated


Aug 17 Battle of Yatay 10,700 allied army under Uruguayan Gen.Flores defeats much smaller Paraguyan  army

Sept 18 Paraguyan garrision in Uruguyuana, Brazil surrenders to allied army


Oct 7 27,000 man Paraguyan  army under the command of Gen Resquin begins to withdraw from Santa Lucia River region in Argentina, pillaging and taking large numbers of cattle returns to Paraguay by Oct 30




April 16 Allied army takes Fort Itapiru in Paraguay, 45,000 allied troops lans in area


May 2 Paraguyan  Col. Diaz 5,500 troops launch surprise attack on allied army at Estero Bellaco Norte causing 2,000 allied casualities to his 1,000 and capturing artillery


May 24 First Battle of Tuyuti  Paraguyan  Gen Lopez deploys  22,000 out of his army of 25,000 to attack allied army of 33,000 before they can be reinforced by 15,000 Brazilians, Paraguay loses 6,000 killed, the allies 4,000. Allied invasion stopped.


July 16 Allied army at Tuyuti launches two unsuccessful attacks at Carapa Island and Suace Ranch, losing over 4,000


Sept 3 Brazilian army attacks and takes Curuzu


Sept 1866 Allied army advances from Curuzu to Paraguyan  defenses at Curupayti help by Gen. Jose Diaz with 5,000 men and 49 guns.attack with 10,000 Brazilia and 5,000 Argintine troops. Allied attack is beaten off with 4,000 lost compared to Paraguay's 92


Nov antigovernment revolts break out in Argentina


Jan 2 Argentine rebels take La Rioja Prov., Col Arredondo returns from Paraguayan campaign with 3,500 men to deal with unrest in Argentina




Jan 2 Argentine rebels take La Rioja Prov., Col Arredondo returns from Paraguayan campaign with 3,500 men to deal with unrest in Argentina


Feb President Mitre, chief allied commander returns to Argentina to deal with revolt


March Cholera epidemic in allied army, by May 13,000 troops sick


May 5,000 man Brazilian force advances into Paraguay and is trapped south of Aps River and wiped out


Nov 3 Second Battle of Tuyuti  Paraguyan leader. Lopez attacks allied army of 13,000 with 8,000 , allied counterattacks drive them back



Feb 19 Brazilian ironclads and monitor bombard Paraguayan capital


July 15 Battle of Humaita The important Paraguayan river town of Humaita taken


Dec 6 Allied army of 18,500 attack enemy army of 5,000 in frontal assault with loses of 2,400


Dec 21 Brazilian army under Caxia attacks Lopez's 8,000 man army , Lopez retreas to new capital of Luque


1869 Brazilian army takes and loots Asuncion, Paraguayan resistence reduced to guerrilla activity


March 1 Lopez killed ar Cora Hill


June 20 Brazil, Argentins and Paraguay sign peace accord.Paraguay loses 38% of its territory where nost industry is located









of the war